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Manav Jaiswal

Born and brought up at West Bengal, Life has been a pretty great journey from the start. Soon after I started learning to walk and talk, I got my schooling done from Don Bosco. During the entire period of my primary years, I took interest in cricket as one of my hobbies. As I was growing up, I also geared my interest in politics and henceforth, I started writing political journals.

After my schooling was over, I set aboard London and started my degree in MBA from the London College of Management, IT (London) and then did Chartered Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing from London. Soon after having embarked on this accomplishment on my part, I joined my family business.

As my start up, I started my work and functioning in real estate agencies. Our team socially corporates their work in making the incense sticks for the brand “Agarbatti”, that is specially manufactured and produced by the factory staffs’ wives.

Only humans can help humans and as an initiative towards the pillars that hold the future of our country, I set up free coaching classes for underprivileged kids. I established the LRS Bangla Folk Academy, a small club in association at Karnataka, meet in London.

Apart from my busy life, comforts and the emotions of a family are well elated and felt at home, as it’s a place like no other. I have a wife and a son I love the most in the world. He’s an adorable little child with his fancies in tennis and cricket and studies in a missionary school at Calcutta.

Life will pave with full of hurdles and I’m planning on countering them with a heart of pride and sheer bravery